I am….

A sex starved mystic, whore
and spirituality of One.

I am the Tao.

I am the Source
Of everything from
The center of the Milky Way to
My here and Now.

Sexual energies ebb
and flow, I am worker
of Energies, working  for
my prosperity 

and a more sexual, spiritually fulfilling


For my humility and

so this shall be.

Good Patriots

Good Patriots gunnin’ down civilians,
Civilians run for cover, cowards unarmed wondering how
they became the Enemy….

….gun shots as people hide in closets too small to hide,
shots through the door and
people die….

Shooter with your AR-15 who are you shootin’ at?

The ducks are on Lake_Trumpitouie waiting for your campfire.

Why you shootin’ these people,
If you hate us that much become a Vogon and leave planet earth.


I have never lived through a time in history like this, where a sitting President can lie about another president while at the same time destroying the country he presides over.

Its truly a terrible thing to see. Willfull self endangerment to dance with a little Covid_19 out of spite and hate.

Look closely, you can see gray matter ooze from their ears as they poke and burn out their hearts to kill all passion.

They no longer appear human.

A month from now all the infected will be in the ground like the people who gave away blankets with small pox.

The last humans can not bury themselves, they crawl into their holes. Too bitter, the maggots will not eat them.