Been some interesting times these past few months.  In the score of one month I lost two close friends, one of them my best friend.

Sad really.

Because if I were a completely logical being I would and have agreed with them.

And there is spiritual and sexual, and the fact they can not live my, I must.

They don’t know it, but I will let you in on a secret: I couldn’t live with their ideas about how to properly deal with the murder of Mr. George Floyd and the rest the news whatever side you are on.

No, they are not Trumpers anymore than I am, but their advice about living life and being happy was ok, but did nothing with the rage and yes hatred for all things American, because a man in 2020 could commit murder on video, but yet go free.

How can I be happy if I could die being myself.

Being black?

I miss them.

I saw them today when I went out for something oriental for dinner.

But we spoke little.

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